Kidney walk proves to be sucessful

The Kinesiology Club held its first Kidney Walk Day in efforts to donate the to the National Kidney Foundation on Tuesday.

Kinesiology Club Advisor Debbie Jensen said, “We were looking at recreation, donation, and education.”

The Kinesiology club raised $327 and collected about 25 pairs of shoes.

“We’re really happy with the success with the first year, so we’re looking forward to double the amount next year,” she said.

Coming in first place of the walk was journalism major, Clemente Lopez.

“[Doing this event] is very important, hopefully more and more people would come out next time,” he said.

Another participant of the walk was, kinesiology major, Christal Espinoza.

“A lot of people need kidneys and a lot of people don’t like to donate, so I think by having this walk, it is to showing that Cerritos College cares,” she said.

Miguel Estevez, vice president of the club said that he wanted the students to have awareness of the kidney foundation, and understand “the importance of staying healthy.”

Heather Thompson, member of the National Kidney Foundation, said that 1 in 9 Americans are affected by kidney disease.

“There are a lot of students on campus that could be potentially be affected by it,” she said.

Michael Inman, kinesiology major, said, “There’s tons who are in need. This is a near and dear donation to us.”