Students find new clubs on Club Info Day


Rosaura Montes

Members of the Peace Services Association club take a break from trying to attract new members. President Daniel Fragoso said they help freshman become leaders “through community service, feeding the homeless and visits to children’s hospitals.”

New and old students alike flooded Falcon Square to get info and to promote their clubs at this year’s Club Info Day on Aug. 31 and Sept. 1.

More than 15 clubs, including the Muslim Students Association, the Christian Students of Cerritos and the Anime club, were out from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the first day, passing out flyers with basic overviews about their organizations.

Members of the Christian Students at Cerritos club explained, “Our goal is to get involved with their religion.”

Many other clubs had a meeting behind the clubs and were trying to target certain students to help them get along with their stay in Cerritos College.

International Students Association President Abner Caguioa explains that ISA is one of the clubs on campus that is geared toward helping students.

“The ISA is one of the larger clubs on campus, but we are a special type of club that caters to needs of the international students.”

Environmental club President Debbie Moreira commented on the goals of the club by saying, “Our goal is to find community services that we can do relating to the environment, as well as getting people more involved and giving them ideas on how they can help out the environment.”

Moreira talked with students about some basic methods to help and better the environment.

“If you live down the street you can ride your bike to school. You don’t need to drive your car, especially with the hard-to-find parking situation. Things like that are small, but in the end they actually do help out.”

The Environmental club was not alone in its attempt to educate students about what their club can do and what it has to offer. Daniel Fragoso, president of the Peace Services Association club, spoke about what his club has to offer.

“We will be offering a mentoring club intended to help out incoming freshman to become leaders through community service, feeding the homeless and visits to children’s hospitals.”

The S.P.I.C.E club, which means Single Parents in College Excellence, was another club out at Club Info Day that helps students that are single parents.

The secretary of the S.P.I.C.E club explained what the club does to help.

“We are single parents supporting fundraisers for our kids so we can take them to special trips like Knotts Berry Farm and Disneyland. Basically to support the families,” Diana Pham said.

By the second day, the clubs were able to get a few students to sign up for their club.

According to the president of the Psychology Psi Beta Club, many students were interested.

“As far as (Wednesday and Thursday) goes, probably 100 students signed up. We also got 100 more from the past few weeks,” Steven Palacios said.

“With all these people on our list it’s great, because we can keep people informed with the club and what’s new in the world of psychology.”

Palacios also believes that Club Info Day is a great idea for the students and the clubs on campus.

“It is great. I mean, I at least got a page for people who signed up for the club today alone. It also lets the students know the clubs that are out their. Like for me, I was walking around yesterday, seeing the clubs we had on campus, and I saw some that I didn’t even know existed.”

Pham also believes that Club Info Day is a great idea.

“Club Info Day is great. It, with the radio shows, or anything else, is a great way in promoting the club,” she said.

Clubs will be starting their official club meetings this week. For information about which clubs are on campus and when the meetings are held, go to the Student Activities Office for a list.