iFalcon wears purple to raise awarness for student sucess


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To raise awareness to iFalcon and student success, iFalcon uses “Purple Thursdays”, a day were the faculty wears purple.

English professor and Success coordinator Francie Quaas-Berryman explained the concept of Purple Thursdays.

“The idea of Purple Thursdays is kind of like other campaigns, like for breast cancer, [people] wear the pink ribbons, or when service men go overseas, they wear the yellow ribbon to raise awareness.

“So the idea for Purple Thursdays is to raise awareness, particularly to students, to make a commitment toward their academic success, but also raise awareness with faculty that they also need to be committed toward that success on campus,” she said.

Quaas-Berryman said that this idea was made by the iFalcon group.

“She continued saying, “We’ve got posters around [the school] for iFalcon, but trying to get something that students would ask questions about.

“So if there is a lot of us wearing purple, people would ask ‘why are you wearing purple?’ and we could say, ‘it’s a symbol of our commitment toward student success on campus. It’s a way to get a conversation started.”

Quaas –Beeryman said that she is not setting up a certain goal, but would like to see students and faculty across campus to start wearing purple every Thursday.

Karina Ibarra, dental hygienist major said, “I think it’s a good idea that [iFalcon] is doing this, that way, they could see how many people support it.