Summer session extended to 12 weeks


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Cerritos College is adding a 12-week summer session which will be divided into two sets of six weeks each, effective as of the Summer 2012 semester.

During this summer session students, will have the opportunity to take 12 units rather than six.

Stephen Johnson, vice president of student Services, said, “Some classes would start after the spring semester, and some would start later in the summer, such as the end of June, beginning of July.”

Students will be able to take two consecutive classes during this time.

“Part of this will give students an opportunity maybe to take classes in two different sessions during the summer if they’re available,” he said.

Students can choose to take two back-to-back classes, or they could get a prerequisite out of the way.

Faculty Senate President Debra Moore said, “I don’t think students choose to do math in that way but in English I think they found short sessions that work for them so they might do [English] 20 and 52 or 52 and 100 I think that’s the real benefit of having two back-to-back ones.”

The classes that will be offered are unavailable at the time but Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs Marilyn Brock clarifies that there will be a variety of classes offered to students.

“Most classes will be scheduled in the six-week session,” Brock said.

The first summer session will start May 21 and end June 29.

Eight-week sessions will be from June 11 to Aug. 3.

The 12-week sessions start May 21 and run all the way to Aug. 10.

A few classes will be available May 21 to June 29 and July 2 to Aug. 10.