Ramirez crowned queen


Pete Moye'

Homecoming queen Raquel Ramirez walks toward the stage in Falcon Stadium with her father, Frank Cruz, on Saturday before being announced as the winner of this year’s crown. Ramirez was representing the iFalcon club

Patrick Dolly and Patrick Dolly

“I was shocked, amazed, and so excited.” This was Homecoming Queen Raquel Ramirez’s reaction to winning the 2011 crown.

The Homecoming festivities saw Ramirez beat out contestants representing clubs such as the Puente Club, the Kabarkada Club, the Board of Accountancy Club, and the International Student Association.

“I thought that I had a shot to win. I was on Homecoming Court last year, and I figured this year that I had put even more effort into it. I had a club that was out there campaigning for me everyday,” she said.

The election results were announced during halftime of the Cerritos College Homecoming game.

The members of the Homecoming Court are Jessica Cleary, Whitney Grajeda, Lilly Hernandez, Britney Salazar, Diana Pham, and Yiem Bae.

Ramirez’s reign as queen began with last years queen, communications major Christina Leyva crowning her.

“It means a lot to be able to pass the torch to her [Ramirez]. I hope that she does well, and promotes school spirit.” Leyva said.

Leyva also commented on suggestions for the newly-crowned queen, saying, “She has to work hard. She needs to be very social and friendly because that is her job.”

Ramirez addressed what she will do differently from that of previous queens by saying.

“I don’t really know what the previous queens have done, but I am super involved on campus. I’m an officer in the iFalcon Club as well as the Economics Club and I’m majority leader in senate, so I am always doing stuff on campus and I plan to stay involved.

Following the crowning of the Cerritos College Homecoming Queen, the festivities continued with the Homecoming float contestants which all were judged on building a float that contained this years Homecoming theme of old time rock ‘n roll.

The Amy Dozier award for best overall float went to the Dental Hygiene Club with “Tooth Shack.”

Other winners included the Board of Accountancy Club, who won the Queens Award reciepent award for best utililization of theme with Rock n’ roll diner, and the Child Development Club, who won the Board of Trustees award for most creative and original float with their float “Jackson 5.”

Some of the floats that participated were not award winners, but were still crowd favorities.

Psychology major Nwobu Victory commented on the nights events, saying.

“I really liked everything. It was really good. I enjoyed the Homecoming Court. It seemed like they all really had a vision, not just looks, but my favorite part was the floats. I liked the beetles float and Ray Charles float most of all.”

Kinesology major Lilly Hernandez addressed her thoughts on the results, and the process of running by saying.

“Campaigning probably had something to do with the results. She was out there a lot. I will not run again. I am done with this, it takes up to much time, but we got to meet new people, and spend time talking to them.”

ASCC president Jazmin Ramirez was impressed by the nights events.

We have a lot of people out here; we’re excited. The floats were so creative, and I think that every year people’s creativity comes out and shines. Congratiguations to her [Ramirez]. It was awesome. It is an awesome experience to get people out to vote.”

Student Trustee member for the Cerritos College Board of Trustees Areal Hughes shared a similar perspectitive.

“I thought that it was pretty entertaining. The cheerleaders, the crowning and the floats were great. Everything was so beautiful. Everyone worked so hard all week long, and it was such a joy to see the final product.”

The evening’s homecoming events concluded with the dance which was held in the students center from 9:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.