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Cerritos College’s newest club, the Transfer Club, is open for all students to join, including those who are looking for help and information about college options after Cerritos College.

“It is just bringing the resources to [students] and also giving them the space that they need as transfer students to do the things that perhaps the campus could not provide them, such as university tours,” Cerritos College counselor and club adviser Marvelina Barcelo said.

While the club is still new and has had only four meetings, they discussed fundraising options for the club and had club members elected club officials such as club president and club historian.

Newly-elected club President Elizabeth Nieto, along with Guillermo Flores, and Omari Nieto founded the club.

“This is an academic club and we accept any questions, comments or concerns. This club is intended to make students more aware of how to transfer and to not get lost in the system or give up and drop out.”

The Transfer Club also has had guest speakers, who represent a Cal State or university such as from one from Cal State Fullerton.

“The Fullerton standpoint is that the [transfer] GPA did go down from a 3.7 GPA last fall to a 3.3 GPA,“ Barcelo said, discussing what a Cal State Fullerton representative said during a previous meeting about out-of-area students who are looking to apply to Fullerton.

The transfer club also helps students with the process of filling out college applications.

“It’s very informative, it helps you out with a bunch of different applications, and deadlines, and everything else you need to transfer,” newly elected club historian Adrian Monreal said.

The Transfer Club will meet in SS 136 from 3 to 4 p.m. every other Wednesday.