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Spanish-language television network Univision is offering scholarships for first-generation college students in the Hispanic community.

Administered by the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, the scholarships will provide financial aid for outstanding students who qualify.

HSF works to address the barriers that keep many Latinos from earning a college degree.

The program is offered to all Latin students who reside in the United States.

First-generation college student and English major Lorena Solorzano said, “It helps to motivate more Latinos to stay in college or go to school.

“It’s a big deal for me since no one in the family has gone to college, I’m setting the example for the rest of the family, for the little kids.”

Students will receive a one-year scholarship worth $5,000.

Those who qualify may also be eligible to receive a four-year scholarship.

The program will be offered to new students as well as returning students who wish to re-apply.

Culinary arts major Daisy Zambrano says, “I think it’s a good opportunity because Latinos are always being discriminated.”

Requirements include:

• Must be a Latino student

• Minimum GPA of 3.00 to 4.00

• High school graduate, enrolled in university or community college with the objective to transfer to a university during the academic calendar of 2012 -2013

• History of extracurricular activities

• First generation student to attend a university (parents with no degrees)

Eligibility for this scholarship began November 1 and it will end December 15, 2011.

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Juan Gonzalez, liberal studies major and first-generation college student has a special appreciation for Univision and its support for the Latin community.

“I think it’s good, anything to help out the Latinos; it’s good to see a Latino television station helping out its own and promote students going to college.”