Dean salary rumors are cleared up


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Pete Moye’
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Instructional Dean of Health, Physical Education, Dance, and Athletics Daniel Smith cleared rumors regarding Deans getting raises over the summer.

The rumor was that the Board of Trustees raised the Deans salary by 19 percent.

Smith said, “We had a consultant that we hired several years ago to do what’s called a comp in class study for all managers, not just deans, he said.

He continued saying, “In most cases, there was a slight increase in salary for all the managers on campus, in some cases, there is a decrease in salary over the next two years.

“The reason there was a decrease in salary is if he compen class had not gone through, and the old system stayed in place, every five years, managers were eligible for longevity increases once they got to top the salary, and those long longevity increases were five percent.”

Smith expressed his thoughts about the rumors.

“I just don’t like it when people say ‘all managers got an increase in salary due to this salary adjustment,” he said.