Cerritos College extends hall of fame deadline


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The Cerritos College Hall of Fame nomination deadline will be extended for another two weeks.

Since this is the first hall of fame event that Cerritos College has ever held, the deadline was extended to allow each department to nominate more candidates.

Debra Moore, faculty senate president, said, “I think they just hadn’t gotten enough yet, it was very short this year.

She also said, “It’s brand new to people so I think they’re not in the rhythm of doing it,” said Debra Moore, president of faculty senate.

The date has been extended until Dec. 15.

Executive director of the Cerritos College foundation and Community Advancement Steve Richardson explained, “we put a process in place for this first time, after we go through this process one time I am certain we will review that process and figure out ways to improve it in the years to come.”

Richardson expressed the importance of the Hall of Fame by saying, “I think it’s important for any organization to build their own sense of moral in history to recognize outstanding achievement from individuals who have served the college either currently or in the past.”

For more information, contact Amy Condit, Foundation Development Officer at extension 2544.