Students express feelings on Pell Grant split

Juan Lopez and Juan Lopez

The Pell Grant split at Cerritos College first took effect in the fall semester of 2011.

Students receive the first half of their financial at the beginning of the semester.

The second half of the financial aid is given out about three months later.

Students do not drop classes within the first couple of weeks of the semester.

Students whop drop classes early will not receive the second half of their financial aid.

“The Pell grant split was created to enforce the financial aid codes provided by the Pell Grant.

Students tend to drop a course within two to three weeks, or any time before the second part is disbursed, then they won’t receive their second half,” ASCC Vice President Julian Del Real-Calleros said.

Kelly Diaz, a biology major said,

“You want to get your books on time because you have exams or quizzes.

“Not being able to get your books right away is a hassle, because then you’ll have to go to the library or ask to borrow from somebody.

“There’s other ways to get books too but at the same time if you don’t get all your money you’ll have to choose which one is more important.”

Stephanie Cortez, a business major wasn’t impacted by the Pell Grant split all that much.

She said that the split is both good and bad.

Good because “people take advantage of it, they get the money and spend it besides books and school work”, and a bad idea because “some people really need the money.”

The second part of the disbursements will be granted on March 23, 2012.