WPMD promotes clubs

Martin Calderon and Martin Calderon

WPMD’s Broadcasting Club president Jaime Rob Flores announced that he will be hosting a new show called “Falcon Spotlight” which is devoted to promoting the many clubs on campus.

The show is scheduled to air Mondays from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. on www.wpmd.org.

The show will serve as a networking platform between clubs and students like Sociology Major Wendy Guzman who is also a member of the Transfer Club and listens to WPMD when on campus.

“I believe that is a great idea to use the radio station to let other students be aware of the clubs, where they can enjoy their hobbies and their school year,” she said.

Flores is a representative for the Inter-Club Council, which is the governing body of all the clubs on campus. He hopes to use this resource to reach out to members of other clubs and introduce them to this medium of communication.

For clubs interested in being on the show, Flores suggests dropping off flyers.

“If you have flyers bring a couple and put them in our [WPMD] mailbox.The more flyers you put in there, the more potential there is for the club to be featured on future shows.”

WPMD is located in the Burnight Center.