“Buck Starts Here” campaign to help students with educational costs

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“The Buck Starts Here” Campaign brings student awareness about the continued cuts in higher education.

Approximately 412, 000 students from the 23 CSU campuses are in the organization “The Buck Starts Here” Campaign.

Dr. Connie Mayfield, Fine Arts/comunnication Dean, states, “Anything we can do to raise student awareness of the reasons for our cutbacks is valuable. Students need to have there voices heard.”

Six hundred fifty million dollars were cut last year from the higher education in California, with an additional $100 million more cut mid-year.

Tuition has increased by 200 percent since 2008.

Because of these issues, thousands of students have been rejected to Cal State universities.

To support “The Buck Starts Here” Campaign, students are allowed to share their personal stories on how the 200 percent tuition increase has affected them, by writing about it on the back of a fictional $650 million bill with a picture of Gov. Jerry Brown on the front of it.

On March 5, all the bills collected from the 23 CSU campuses will be brought to the Governor’s desk, during the annual California State Student Association March for Higher Education.

Another helpful option would be collecting stories and complaints from other students, organizations and clubs throughout the campus.

Elois Joseph, geography major says,”If it helps for a better, cheaper education I will support it.”

Unfortunately, the program director could not be contacted for further information.

If you would like more information about”The Buck Starts Here” CamplainYou can visit their website at