Video games distract students from more important things

Matthew Caldwell and Matthew Caldwell

Students will not agree with this and typically say video games help them ease their mind after a long day of school but there are many other options rather than sitting in front of the television with a controller in hand.

Reading a book, going for a jog, or listening to music can help ease your mind after a long day of school.

Many students don’t like to come home from school and read a book but it doesn’t always have to be a book that should be read. Students can read the newspaper and go online to read some articles.

Going for a jog is a wonderful way to ease your mind after a long day of school. There are plenty of benefits from going on a jog.

Coming home and listening to your favorite music is a perfect way to relax or sit back on your bed and just jam out!

But some students rather come home and sit in front of the television. and play games.

Video games can change a student in so many ways.

One of the cons for video games is that they make students procrastinate on their homework and projects, yeah the students parent can easily tell them to get off the T.V. and get started on their homework but that doesn’t happen.

Another con is that video games can cause a student to lack sleep; that is a very serious problem when a student is staying up late to play games and aren’t studying for a test or losing the sleep that they very much need.

A student came become lazy and gain weight when constantly playing a video games and not willing to help out around the house or just want to sleep all day and not do anything.

Whether or not students realize it, video games are bad.