Triathlon club hopes to receive grant

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Cerritos College board members will be voting sometime within the next two weeks on whether to grant the Triathlon Club $5,800 in order for club members to participate in the Wildflower Triathlon taking place May 4th-6th.

The $5,800 will allow 12-14 members of the club to go costing around $500 per person. Money that is left over from the grant will be returned back to the college.

Cerritos College requires that clubs put in twenty percent of the cost before giving a requested grant. The Triathlon Club already has twenty to thirty percent of the cost covered due to raising money from the Valentine’s Day bake sale and sponsorships like Herbal Life.

The costs include; $150 to register, $50 camping, necessary gear such as wet suits, and gas to travel the 50 plus miles it takes to get to Lake San Antonio where the race is being held.

Triathlon Club President Chris Demaree participated in the race last year without a wet suit.

“My biggest regret was probably not wearing a wet suit. It was so cold that it made it difficult to breathe and slowed down my performance,” Demaree said.

The Olympic Race, the Sprint Race, and the Long Distance Race will be the three events composing the Wildfire Triathlon.

“It’s like track except they have it set up in a natural environment,” Demaree said.

The Wildflower Triathlon usually brings together the most amount of colleges and universities making it arguably the biggest race of the year. It is also the only race that takes place over an entire weekend rather than just a one day event.

Participants with disabilities and prosthetics also participate in Wildflower as well as people bringing awareness to diferent types of cancer.

“Its a good experience, not just for the athletic part but to feel all the energy and spirit the people bring their,” he said.

The Triathlon club will also be running in Relay for Life on June 9th and has 16 to 17 people already registered.

The club will be announcing Thursday, February 16th a list of six restaurants that will be sponsoring them.