ASCC Vice President to ask students to write letters to legislators

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ASCC Vice President Julian Del Real-Calleros will ask students to help him write letters to a legislators about how tuition hikes have affected them.

“It’s a writing campaign in which I ask for students to independently write a old-fashion letter to a legislator in how educational cuts and tuition hikes have affected them financially, academically, and/or their family life,” he said.

The legislators he would like students to write to are Assemblyman Ricardo Lara, Assemblyman Tony Mendoza, Senator Alan Lowenthal, and Senator Ron Calderon.

“Legislators have listened to teacher unions, state public employee unions, special interest groups, and lobbyist; but now they need to listen to our union: The Student Union,” he said.

Del Real-Calleros explains why legislators haven’t listened to the student union yet.

“We’re the group of Americans who are less likely to vote, which is why legislators ignore us, but if we’re able to get a lot of students to participate at least a quarter of the student body.

“We could imply fear that we won’t vote for them and we will convince our parents, family and friends not to vote for them either,” he said.

To find out more information on how you can help Vice President, Del Real-Calleros you can visit his office in the Student Activities office.