Black Power Mixtape showing in honor of black history month

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Talon Marks Online News

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Talon Marks Online News

Cerritos College History Department and The Peoples History Association will be showing The Black Power Mixtape February 28 from 11 to 1pm in LC 155 in honor of Black History Month.

These two organizations came together to present this 110 minute long video as an educational opportunity for students.

History professor Walter Fernandez said, “the purpose of this video is to get people to think.”

The documentary covers a period of time when some Black People used a non violent and disciplined method to end segregation against minorities during the civil rights movement.

Parts of the video contains live footage from the 50’s and 60’s and emphasizes the word “revolution”.

Black Power Mixtape also emphasizes self defense and how people had different interpretations of the country at that time.

“The civil rights activist would break a law or city ordinance for the purpose of trying to implement a law against segregation,” Fernandez said.

“We don’t want students to agree 100 percent, we want students to think critically about the movement.”

The video will also be available in the Cerritos Library for the students who are unable to attend the showing.