iFalcon Club raises money for scholarships


Luis Guzman

Cerritos College Multimedia Product Specialist Michael Wisniewski purchased a cookie from the iFalcon Club. The cookie costed $5 during the bakesale.

Talon Marks Online News

The iFalcon Club held a bake sale on Wednesday. The bake sale was planned as a fundraiser so there can be more money for the clubs expenses and could raise money for scholarships.

There were many baked goods, snacks, and beverages that were sold.

Everything was sold at a cost of one dollar or less.

Joshua Castorena, business major said, “We are here at the iFalcon Bake Sale with many different food items such as nachos with cheese jalapenos, cheetos and other kinds of potato chips, cookies, muffins, cupcakes and donuts.

“We also have beverages such as water, juices, and lemonade so we have a pretty good food lineup. We have snow cones as well,” he said.

The iFalcon Club also had a saltine challenge for a dollar. In order to win, contestants had to finish the crackers provided in a short amount of time. The loser had his dollar donated to the club, but the winner received the prize of a free beverage and any chosen baked good.

According to Castorena, most of the students who competed failed.

Aside from all of the edible treats, there was an iFalcon Club T-shirt at the bake sale that was free with a $10 donation.

According to Castorena, business wasn’t going too badly, the club was getting a fair amount of shoppers and donators.

“We did not make as much as was expected, but enough [we made] to support the club.

“However, this didn’t make the club members frustrated, since we are willing to stay and sell longer than expected,” Castorena said.

“We are still receiving cash donations, as well as contributions of foods from fellow members.

“So I think we expect to make around $150 to $200. That would be a good amount.”

Jesus Gonzales, psychology major added, “Since we have a goal of approximately $200, we are willing to stay out here as long as it takes to make the money we need, or at least stay out here as long as we can.”

According to Castorena, the bake sale was a success and left the iFalcon Club members satisfied with their earnings.