Personalities linked to careers


Mario Jimenez

Cerritos College Counselor Veronica Herrera (top right) lectures students during her True Colors Workshop. The workshop educated students on different types of personalities through the use of a color spectrum.

Talon Marks Online News

Students took a personality test and were placed in one of four colors during the March 1 Colorful Exploration workshop.

The workshop helped students find careers based on their personalities.

Counselor Veronica Herrera led the workshop and asked the students to list their colors on the color chart from the one that most resembles their personality traits to the one that least resembles them. Either gold, green, orange or blue.

Each color represented a different group of personality traits starting with orange which represent spontaneous, blue represents those who are caring, nuturing, emotinal people, gold represents those who are neat, well organized, well mannered and green represents the honest, analytical thinking, quiet people.

Each color on the color chart lists careers and occupations that seem to match up with the personality traits represented by each color.

“We have a lot of students who are not sure what major or what career they might want to go into,” Herrera said.

“Choosing a major or a career doesn’t have to be that overwhelming.”

The workshop helps students recognize their strengths, how diverse everyone is and what career their strengths gears them toward.

Cristina Perez , liberal arts major said, “I thought it was a good tool. There are a lot of people like myself who are lost.”

Some students went to the workshop due to the extra credit being offered from their teachers. Math major Alex Lopez went for the extra credit and said it was a beneficial experience.

“It was cool it was fun. We got to know more people and more about ourselves,” Lopez said.

Many flyers were placed around campus to alert students of the workshop who are having a difficult time deciding on their future.

Shannon Estrada , re entry specialist commented on how helpful she feels this workshop as well as other workshops are to the students. “It’s a great resource, it’s really good for students to get to know who they are and get to know about others.”

“We encourage students to come and take advantage of the free resources that we offer.”

Herrera encourages students to make appointments with her who attend the workshops she provides to discuss further details into their futures.