Cleanliness down the toilet

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Bathroom conditions are a growing concern at Cerritos College and have Philosophy Instructor Ted Stolze teaming up with a safety committee to take action toward healthier and cleaner facilities.

During a Faculty Senate Meeting, Stolze addressed the unsanitary conditions of the library restrooms, specifically saying that he felt embarrassed of the campus due to the uncleanliness of the bathrooms.

Stolze briefly mentioned how the school hired a highly-paid arbitrator who asked Stolze personally where the restrooms were located.

After seeing the conditions of the library restrooms, he immediately felt embarrassed of the campus and made the remark that he has always been proud of the campus in the past until now.

The Cerritos College bathrooms have students complaining about their condition.

Child development major Idalia Acosta said, “I usually use the restrooms by the child development center and they are horrible. They are all tagged up and they smell.”

Justin Gonzales, business administration major, said, “Some of them have this really weird smell. I don’t know if it is the sewage or not.”

Administration of justice major Edward Juarez commented on how poor the conditions are to him.

“I went to the bathroom and started gagging at what I saw and left to go somewhere else. It’s the smell that gets to me.”

Undecided major Arturo Robles shares his thoughts on his experience with the campus bathrooms.

“Sometimes there is no soap or toilet seat covers.”

He points out that there is an issue lacking the supplies necessary to hold a sanitary bathroom.

Not everyone agrees that the bathrooms are unsanitary.

Nursing major Karissa Gonzales thinks that the cleanliness is there and the only major problem is the graffiti.

“The ones that I’ve been to are clean for the most part. There’s just a lot of graffiti,” Gonzales said.

Liliana Arevalo, social work major, said, “The school is responsible for it [the bathrooms] because aren’t they suppose to make sure the environment is good for the students so they can have a better learning experience here?”

She points out who she thinks is responsible for the restrooms’ conditions.

“[The students] they are the ones who make the mess; they are the ones who use the restrooms. The janitors try to do as much [as they can], but there are a lot of restrooms around here and I’m pretty sure there are not enough to janitors to clean up the mess.”

Janitors were not allowed to comment on the topic.