ICC Commissioner to start committee to give scholarship

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Inter-Club Council Commissioner Daniel Fragoso built a committee of students that will reward students with ICC scholarships worth up to $250 and possibly more.

Fragoso spoke about what the committee will be doing.

“It’s a committee that’s going to be reviewing applications for the students here at Cerritos College, ” he said.

“These students will be looking at applications, students who have been involved with the ICC and with student activities and who have shown a great amount leader in the school, ” he said.

Fragoso mentioned that the amount of money involved is up for discussion.

The committee currently has scholarships of $150 each and an Outstanding Student Scholarship worth $250 each.

We’re thinking of raising the scholarship money if it’s possible,” he said.

The winners of the scholarships will be awarded at the end of the semester during the Awards Banquet.