Senate to vote on granting money for Veteran’s Ball

The ASCC Senate will vote on whether or not to grant $7, 000 of the ASCC budget to host a Veteran’s Ball for the student veterans of Cerritos College.

The vote will take place in BK111 on Wednesday at 2 p.m.

ASCC proposed this event as a way to give back to the veterans. The original proposal was to provide food to the club but as revisions were made it was decided that a ball was the best way to offer gratitude.

ASCC President and Co-Committee Chair of the ball, Jasmin Ramirez said, “We wanted to provide a fun event to give back to the veterans community.”

The majority of the budget will be going toward the cost of food being ordered from Naples Rib Factory. Approximately $5,000 out of the $7,000 will be spent on food and drinks.

The rest of the money will be spent on a DJ, decorations, gift baskets, and flags.

Student Veterans Club Public Relations Officer Lance Makinano said, “The DJ is a friend of mine and is doing the event at a good price since he is also a veteran.

“We are all excited to be putting on this event and hopefully the vote passes.”

An estimated 500 student veterans attend Cerritos College and 150 to 200 are possibly attending the ball along with their guests.

A Cerritos College alumnus who is currently attending USC and who is also an army veteran and founder of the Veterans Club will be one of the key speakers.

Faculty member and armed forces veteran, Philip Satterfield, will be the second key speaker.

The third key speaker, Charles Sooter is a Vietnam Veteran and current President of the City of Cerritos First Combat Engineer Battalion Adoption Committee.

Officials from the Long Beach VA Healthcare System, AMVETS, and other veterans service organizations have been invited to attend as well. The purpose of their attendance is to increase awareness on the various resources available to veterans.

The purpose of the Student Veterans Club is to assist both veteran and non-veteran Cerritos College students in the advancement of academic and personal endeavors.

SVC has been active on and off campus for three years helping with numerous events and the ball is being proposed to honor its work.

The Veterans Ball will be held at the student activities center on April 13 at 5:30 p.m.

Student Veterans Club president Hsiao Hsu was unavailable for comment.