Students affected by tuition increase beginning in Summer 2012

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According to Cerritos College president Linda Lacy, no new classes will be cut from the summer semester of 2012 at Cerritos College.

There will however be a tuition increase taking effect during the summer.

Lacy believes that the tuition increase will not affect the student enrollment for the summer semester.

“It’s hard to say, traditionally when enrollment fees go up that does affect it but we have had such a demand for student enrollment, I believe we will have very full classes.”

“We have been trying to warn students that this was coming, the state imposes our fees on us, that’s not a college imposed fee and it was supposed to take effect in January and the legislature removed that and made it effective in summer so I think we have had time for students to prepare,” she said.

Autobody collision repair major, Demesio Villalobos said he is affected by the increase.

“I used to be full time but now since I wanted to get full time its more money and I also need money to pay bills,” he said.

Lacy explained how the tuition increase affects Cerritos College.

“We receive an allocation from the state, all the enrollment fees we collect we send to the state, so if we receive more revenue, then theoretically it’s supposed to help protect our budget.

“When the state gives us our budget; enrollment fees, and property fees, is the basic allocation of what the revenue sources for colleges are. We found already that the enrollment fees have not helped us this year because they’re not being collected because of the number of students on the BOG waiver,” she said.

Political Science Major Johnathan Corela is another student affected by the tuition increase.

Corela said, “I might not be able to get the classes I want because of the rise in costs.”

The tuition increase does not affect all students.

Lacy explained, “Approximately 70 percent or more of our students receive a BOG waiver which pays the enrollment fees anyway for students, so it will have absolutely no effect on the students that receive a BOG waiver.”

She offered advice to students who are enrolling at Cerritos College.

“When you get in a class and if you’ve had to pay for it with the additional fee or even if you’re on a BOGG waiver make sure you do everything you can to be successful in that class.

“That means seeking additional tutoring, help from your instructor, going to the office hours because when students withdraw or fail a course and then have to repeat it, not only is it harmful for them but it’s also harmful for other students who need that seat.”

The summer semester schedule is now available to students online.