Almost $800 raised in Cerritos College’s 12th Breast Cancer Awareness Walk


Lauren Gandara

The Breast Cancer Awareness Walk took place on March 22.

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Raising almost $800 for the Susan G. Komen Foundation, Cerritos College held it’s 12th Breast Cancer Awareness Walk on Mar. 22 at 11 p.m. at Falcon Square.

Susan G. Komen Foundation is a foundation that dedicates itself to informing and raising awareness to people about breast cancer as well as helping search for a cure.

The walk had about 100 participants show up for the cause.

Health Education Department Chairwoman Ni Bueno, who helped take charge of the fundraiser said that instead of holding the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk in October, the campus holds it in March to recognize Women’s History Month.

As far as the amount of people showing up, Bueno said, “I think it’s great the amount of people that showed up. We have people that brought family, friends, kids and so to us when people bring out other people on campus, it increases the awareness even more.”

While some did the walk to support their loved ones battling the disease, others just came for the extra credit for their classes.

Pharmeceutical technician major Ayrra Perez said she participated for the extra credit in her women studies class where they are currently studying about breast cancer.

“I wanted to help out, I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile,” she said.

No matter the circumstance, the fundraiser gave a consolation prize to the top three people that donated the most money when they had signed up for the walk.

Nursing major Priscilla Bautista said that she had participated to honor one of her family members who passed away due to breast cancer and donated the last three dollars she had left in her pocket.

She added, “I think the program itself or whoever is in charge is doing a great job by motivating young generations like myself to get involved and be self aware with your body.”

Taking first prize was the Child Development Center, donating $300. Second place was the bookstore donating $60, and Cerritos College student Jamie Queres with third place, donating $50.