Important issues discussed at campus fourm


Enrique Rivera

Vice President for Business Services David El Fattal discussed the current financial state in which Cerritos College is in. The Summer 2013 semester is in consideration of being cancelled.

Talon Marks Online News

Cutting the summer sessions of 2013-2014 is a saving option for Cerritos College to accommodate for its projected budget deficit of $9.4 million. This was discussed in a Budget Forum held at the Teleconference Room on March 29.

Vice President of Business Services David El Fattal, who was one of the main speakers at the forum, said that cutting the summer sessions of 2013-2014 could save up to $2 million.

Cutting the summer sessions of 2013-2014 was currently the biggest saving option listed by El Fattal.

Other options included were vacation payouts, Cash-in-Lieu, right size budget, indirect cost, layoffs and furloughs.

El Fattal also mentioned that the school has committed to having a Summer 2012 session.

Vice President of Human Resources Victor Collins assured that unlike Long Beach City College, the school is not interested in laying off faculty as a saving option just yet.

“There has not been a decision at this point and time to say that we’re laying off any employee in this district,” he said.

According to Collins, the savings for layoffs is yet to be determined.

Associate Student of Cerritos College President Jasmin Ramirez expressed her concern for the laying off of employees.

“It is additionally an unfortunate cycle where we cut staff and that’s less resources for students,” she said.

El Fattal explained to the faculty that were present at the forum that the next thing they can do is contact legislators, attend Capitol Days events, attend Planning and Budget Committee meetings and to vote in November.

The next Campus Budget Forum will be on May 22 in the Teleconference Room.