Cosmetology Department to host Las Vegas-themed open house

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Talon Marks Online News

Talon Marks Online News

The Cerritos College Cosmetology Department will be hosting an open house event on May 2 with a Las Vegas theme.

Cosmetology Club President Rolanda Arnold talked about the theme, “The theme is the Vegas theme, ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,’ we’re going to do four themes like icons of Vegas.”

An example of these themes as given by Arnold is an Egyptian theme that resembles the Luxor Hotel.

She continued, “We’re just doing different themes for Vegas and we’re going to incorporate that into our models and decorate the actual Cosmetology Department in a Vegas theme.”

The Cosmetology Department will also be selling snacks and refreshments for all guests attending, according to Arnold.

She said, “The open house is going to be free for everyone to come in.”

There will also be a raffle going on as mentioned by Arnold.

Some of the things included in the baskets are curlers and other hair utensils.

Arnold mentions the purpose of the open house, “We’re just showcasing what we’re doing as far as with the students actually doing the work, showing their work off and using the theme to incorporate in it.”

Cosmetology Club Vice President Sheree Ibey shares her thoughts on the theme, “We wanted to do something fun that was exciting and something that had a lot of ideas that we could kind of work with and just have a lot of creative ideas.”

The Vegas theme lets club members play with many different color configurations that are present in Las Vegas at many of the Vegas casinos, according to Ibey.

She gives a little more detail into the theme, “It’ll be a Vegas theme, all of the models will be dressed Vegas themed as far as like the hotels go or just different things like that and it’ll all be colorful similar to Vegas.”

As far as the money that will be made from selling snacks, refreshments and raffle tickets, Ibey says that money will go toward updating the department.

Cosmetology Club Treasurer Reneya Reddick talks about who’s welcomed and mentions that they will have refreshments.

“It’s for everyone but the food and drinks aren’t free, they’re $1.”

Reddick also mentions that five or six gift baskets will be raffled off.

She concludes by talking about why the festivities are being hosted, “It’s pretty much to help promote the Cosmetology Department because a lot of people don’t know where we are on campus.”