High school students visit Cerritos College for Senior Preview Day


Juan Lopez

High school students got free food from ‘Hot Dog On A Stick’ during Senior Preview Day. The event took place on April 27.

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High school senior Mariella Quinones now considers coming to Cerritos College after attending Senior Preview Day.

“I’m considering coming here after I graduate because it gets me interested in it and it seems like a pretty nice school to come to, ” Quinones said.

Cerritos College hosted its annual Senior Preview Day, with an estimated 800 high school seniors attending from about 20 different high schools on Friday.

Quinones talked about her experience at Senior Preview Day by saying that, “It’s pretty good, we’re learning how everything’s going, how classes go, how to enroll, and it’s really good coming here, the events pretty good.

“It’s not that packed as other schools, its more open to students, they can walk around and be able to have quality time and free time. The classrooms are pretty nice, pretty small, it’s not too big for so many students it’s really nice, I like this school.”

She is looking to become a preschool teacher.

The event is held at Cerritos College annually to get high school students interested in college.

The high school seniors were split into groups and given tours of the campus by Cerritos College students and faculty who have volunteered for the event.

English major Abner Caguioa explained more about what it’s about, “Well pretty much an outreach to high school students and to inspire them of the importance of college and the necessity of college, like how much it can help them progress in their lives.”

“To show them that there’s more to college, I mean college as intimidating as itself, we’re really here to give them the idea that a lot of stuff going on here that they can benefit from, it’s not just about classes it’s about the other programs offered to them that college can be fun, it is fun.”

Some seniors attended workshops that were held to show the different programs offered at Cerritos College.

According to business administration major Daniel Fragoso, some high school seniors seemed uninterested, but after the presentations they began to get encouraged.

After the seniors were given tours of the campus they then went to Falcon Square where they received free lunch from Hotdog On A Stick.

The Cerritos College Pop Rock Ensemble provided entertainment by performing covers of many classic songs.

Clubs set up booths to get the high school seniors interested in joining and showed them what they had to offer.

“I think with the clubs booth here stationed on Falcon Square would give them [the high school seniors] a good impression,” said Linguistics Major Daniel Schaper.

High school student Marissa Chavez talked about Cerritos College, “I like how it makes me feel at home and everyone is able to talk normal and I don’t feel judged. My favorite part was going in the back in the Nursing Department.”

Chavez is looking to become a surgical nurse.