Cerritos College experiencing renovations and construction around campus

Areas of the Cerritos College campus are going through different phases of renovation and construction as put together on the current campus facilities master plan.

The renovations and construction throughout the school are funded by a $210 million G.O. bond.

The gym, located by the C-2 parking lot on Alondra Blvd has been under construction since July 2010. It has yet to be completed due to a drilling problem.

“They had to drill what they call piers, 80 feet down into the soil and they ran into difficulty when they were drilling with different soil types and water and some of the piers collapsed.” Cerritos College President Linda Lacy said.

This drilling problem was just one of two problems with the gym construction. According to Lacy, the second problem is not having enough contractors on the job.

The project manager, Tilden-Coil is currently trying to work with the general contractor to get more people on the job.

The gym has no set completion date, but Lacy is hopeful that it will be ready in October or November of the 2012 Fall semester.

The current facilities master plan includes buildings that haven’t began the construction process yet.

One of which is the Business Education building. It is having its classes moved to the old Physical Science building before construction can begin.

A new Liberal Arts building as well as a Disabled Student Programs and Services building is scheduled to start construction in December.

“We’ve got some buildings in the design phase right now that we hope to start in 2014. One of them being the CIS math building and one being the Fine Arts complex” Director of the Physical Plant, David Moore said.

The new Fine Arts building and the CIS mathematics building are scheduled to be built simultaneously. They have both been designed by the same architects in order to blend together.

The Burnight Theatre and Music building’s construction was to be funded by the state of California, but a few years ago, the money was put on hold due to the problems in the economy. Construction will begin once Cerritos College has received funds from the state for the project.

A building in a similar state as the Burnight Theatre and the Music building is the Child Development building.

In addition to the renovation and construction going on throughout campus the restrooms on campus are being remodeled.

Restrooms across campus have been going through a remodeling process during the Summer 2012 semester in order to have most ready by the Fall 2012 semester.

Next to the facilities and purchasing complex, there is some construction going on in relation to the old Physical Science building.

“When the fire marshals looked at the plans, they wanted us to increase our water pressure for water compression systems so we had to tie into another water main to boost our water system.” Moore said.

Getting a complete renovation is the Nancy Kelly softball field. It is scheduled to have new turf, sprinklers, dugouts and fencing. The softball field will be ready for instructional use August 7.

After some follow up work has been done to the field, it will be ready for competition in September.

A fire alarm system upgrade throughout campus is in the third of four phases to complete the upgrade.

“We have been doing this project building by building for quite a while, for the last three or four years.” Lacy said.

All four phases will be complete within the next a year and a half and the fire alarm system will include a voice alert system.