Major workshop helps to guide students

Angela Arellano and Angela Arellano

Counselor Traci Ukita held a workshop for Cerritos College students about the conflict of deciding on a major or who are thinking of changing their major on Thursday, Sept. 26 in room LC 206.

“What do I want to major in?” is a question some freshmen have when entering into college.

According to Ukita, “It is very common for an incoming student not to know what their going to major in.”

“Usually they’ll change their major anywhere from three through seven times, ” Ukita explained.

She said she went through three different major changes including art, english, and political science.

During the workshop, she handed out a fact sheet about college majors and it explained that at most colleges, you don’t have to choose a major until the end of your sophomore year.

Students who are not sure on what major to study can take courses in a variety of fields.

Students are then able to receive general education credits that count toward their degree, as well as possibly finding a career that they are interested in as they experiment in different areas.

Workshop attendee Athena Sanchez, undecided major, is a freshman at Cerritos and felt that the workshop really helped her.

“I thought it was very helpful and it really explained a lot of things (like) that I need to do more research on what I want to do so I can decide on my major,” Sanchez explained.

During Ukita’s presentation she provided a power point on things students should know when deciding on a major:

  • When choosing a major know that your not alone
  • Choosing a major does not mean you’re choosing a career
  • When choosing a major you need to know yourself
  • If your not sure about a major, you should know about careers
  • Choosing a major takes time

She said that even though there are plenty of majors available, it’s just up to students to figure out what they are interested in.

Ukita, explained that the most popular major right now is Business.

Ukita, hoped that students who attended the workshop realize there is a lot more flexibility when it comes to majors and how it relates to their career.

According to Ukita, “The choices that they make in terms of their major don’t have to dictate the rest of their lives.”

Students having trouble with their major can schedule appointments through Career Services.

Students can reach counselor Traci Ukita at (562)860-2451, Ext. 2356.