Homecoming Princess Brittany Forsythe Ballot No.7


John Morfin

Brittany Forsythe who is running for Homecoming Queen for the Leo’s Club ballot No. 7

Communications major Brittany Forsythe of the Leo’s Club is running for Homecoming Queen in order to get the Leo’s Club name exposed.

“I want the Leo’s Club more known and get more members, ” Forsythe said.

By running for Queen, she is honoring her late grandmother. Her grandmother and grandfather were once Leo’s Club members.

One of Forsythe’s aunts was once Ms. Cerritos.

“It’s very appropriate that the Leo’s Club is sponsoring me to carry on her (my grandmother’s) legacy.”

She wants to go into the business world in the future and teach speech.

Ice skating, modeling, singing and volunteering are some of Forsythe hobbies. She enjoys listening to any kind of music genre except country.