Homecoming Princess Lauren Gandara Ballot No.1


John Morfin

Lauren Gandara who is running for Homecoming Queen for Talon Marks Press Club ballot No.1

Patrick Dolly and Patrick Dolly

Lauren Gandara is a broadcast journalism major who aspires to work for E! News or ESPN. Her campus involvement in addition to classes includes serving as news editor of the Talon Marks as well as secretary for the Talon Marks Press Club.

Gandara, who has had aspirations of being Homecoming Queen since she ran in high school at Santa Fe, decided to run at the urging of her club.

“ I hope to make them (members of the press club) proud. I want to do them justice and get them exposure that there is a press club because a lot of people don’t know that, ” she said.

With a strong friend and family support system, Gandara hopes to use that support to continue the tradition of dignity to the homecoming crown at Cerritos College.