Cerritos College repairs the damage created during the burglary

John Morfin

Cerritos College is currently in the process of repairing the damage done as a result of the recent burglary of room FA 42 of the Fine Arts Building on Tuesday, Oct. 23.

Cerritos College facilities maintenance workers added a metal cover to the damaged door of FA 42 on Tuesday, Oct. 23 while they looked for another door to replace the damaged one.

Cerritos College officials hired Greg Prophet, a glass repairman, to install the new window, which is believed to be the way the burglars gained access to the hallway leading to room FA 42.

Prophet installed the new window on Friday, Oct. 26.

Prophet heard about the burglary that took place at FA 42 from a facility maintenance worker.

“I heard what happened. That’s unfortunate,” Prophet said about the burglary.

Cerritos College facilities maintenance workers replaced the damaged FA 42 door on Friday.

According to Cerritos College Police Chief Richard Bukowiecki, the computer that was recovered by campus police is still being held as evidence. As soon as the crime lab technicians are done with the computer, campus police will return the computer to the journalism lab.

Bukowiecki has also confirmed that the Cerritos College Campus Police Department are working alongside the Cerritos College Information Technology Department in order to better protect the Cerritos College campus, but declined to release any information since it may hinder their efforts.

The computer that was not recovered has currently not been replaced by Cerritos College officials.

Journalism instructor Walter Hammerwold, as well as his students, have been adjusting to having two less computers to work with.

“One more thing we have to navigate. We would have to figure out some alternative,” Hammerwold said.

Hammerwold also added, “It’s not going to prevent us from teaching, it’s not going to prevent us from learning, it’s not going to prevent us from producing the paper.”

Hammerwold also finds the whole incident bizarre due to the fact that on Oct. 23, when he first arrived to the recently burglarized room, there was no yellow caution tape found on the door as well as the door not being guarded by authorities since the damaged door was in an unsecure state.

“Leaving a burglarized room unattended is a strange procedure if that is a procedure. If it’s not the procedure, then you have to question why wasn’t the procedure followed,” said Hammerwold.

According to the Cerritos College facilities manager Tom Richey, it took four days to repair the glass door of the graphic design lab located in room LC 173 of the Math Success Center that was broken during a previous burglary incident that is believed to have taken place during the last weekend of September.

During that burglary incident, eight Mac desktop computers are believed to have been stolen.

Since then, the computers have been replaced by Cerritos College campus officials.

Richey did not know when the eight computers stolen by burglars were replaced by Cerritos College officials.

The burglary has left instructors as well as students questioning the procedure in place to protect the campus.