How to prevent from shaking like a bowl full of jelly this holiday season


Don’t let the holidays be an excuse for overeating. Turkey — but not the stuffing or mashed potatoes — is OK for seconds.

Michael Ares

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is filled with laughter and drinking, as well as weight gain.

Health instructor and women’s basketball coach Karen Welliver, gives an in-depth look on how to not gain those post-feasting pounds.

“Thanksgiving holidays are very hard, but the main thing to keep in mind is to take small portions of the food that is brought. Try not to over eat, just take a little bit of each entree that is served in front of you, but don’t pile humongous amounts of food on your plate,” Welliver said.

She recommended not to deprive your body of eating before Thanksgiving as the human body would not receive the proper nutrition that it needs.

“One should not starve themselves, you should never feel hungry when trying to keep calories off,” she continued.

She advised that an individual gets plenty of exercise to help keep those calories at bay, “Get lots of cardio done. Try to get yourself as fit as you can before the holiday comes, and then after the holiday is over, do some extra cardio.”

For students who do not go to the gym, there are some simple things that an individual can do to help burn calories.

“Ride a bike, if you are not in very good shape at all just start walking, a little jogging, do something fun like going dancing.” she said.

“These are great simple ways to tone your muscles without weights.”

Transfer major Crystal Cesena, plans to work out after the Thanksgiving holiday.

“I don’t overtrain, if it’s a holiday, for my family, eating is a big part of our holidays. I still work out, but I’ll still eat what I want to eat. I try to eat in moderation, but sometimes that doesn’t always work so I’ll just work out a lot harder after Thanksgiving, not before,” Cesena said.

For physical therapy assistant Marcelino Acosta, he plans to keep up his work-out habits all through the holidays.

“I’ve had to deal with weight all my life, it’s a struggle for me, and if I don’t work at it, I’m going to let myself go. If I have a busy day of eating I try to wake up early before I come to school and try to get some running done and burn some calories.”