The election results that will affect Cerritos

Lauren Gandara

Four new Board of Trustees members have been elected and one measure and one proposition that will help to provide more funding for the college were among the things voted for during the general election on Nov. 6.

Here are the propositions and measures passed that will affect Cerritos College:

  • Proposition 30
  • Measure G

According to the California Secretary of State website, Proposition 30 which will create temporary taxes in order to fund education was a close contest throughout the election, however the ending result was 53.9% voted yes and 46.1% voted no.

Measure G which are school improvement bonds that will help to renovate and reconstruct school buildings was passed with 68.97% voting yes and 30.13% voting no.

The elected Board of Trustees members include:

  • Robert Arthur from District 1
  • Carmen Avalos from District 2
  • John Paul Drayer from District 3
  • Marisa K. Perez from District 4
  • Sandra Salazar from District 6

Majority of the Board of Trustees incumbents were kicked out this election with four of the five seats going to newly elected members.

According to the Los Angeles County Register website, current Board of Trustees president Bob Arthur ran against local business owner Leonard Zuniga, winning 61.25% to 38.75%

South Gate city clerk Carmen Avalos won against former Board of Trustees member Tom Jackson 66.53% to 33.47%

Bellflower teacher John Paul Drayer defeated Board of Trustees incumbent Jean McHatton 67.83% to 32.17%

Public policy advisor Marisa K. Perez ran against Board of Trustees incumbent Ted Edminston and won in a close race 50.51% to 49.49%

Community clinic doctor Sandra Salazar defeated Board of Trustees incumbent Tino Cho 59.85% to 40.15%