The smartphone apps that can help you become a better student

Angela Arellano

There are many students in this generation that have smartphones and/or tablets with many apps.

What students don’t know about are the apps that are available for education and learning purposes.

Kids of all ages might be interested in learning new skills that can further their education.

Just a tap on the screen and boom educational apps are right at your fingertips.

The chose 10 educational apps that kids of all ages can access.

One of the apps that they chose was called Goodreader.

Goodreader is an app that imports and views any file type, whether it be in text, audio or video. With the FTP server, it makes accessing your files a breeze.

The Apple Store provides a ton of apps to access for education.

They provide English Language Arts apps that helps students master all English levels, from learning how to read to practicing writing and grammar skills.

The Mathematics app makes math enjoyable to learn by providing interactive ways to learn numbers, master multiplication, conquer statistics, and more.

There is even an app available for learning foreign languages.

The Apple store provides an app for studying English as a second language.

This app covers all languages and provides different apps for reading, writing, and building different vocabulary.

There are five apps that covered that college students should use this school year.

One of them that was on the list was an app to access a graphing calculator without paying over $100 for one.

This graphing calculator from Appcylon LLC, provides a scientific calculator that allows students to plot and trace multiple equations on the same graph at the fraction of the cost.

The app comes equipped with a custom keyboard and is set up for students to take screen shots and share the graphs via email.

In college, it’s hard to be organized but the School Helper app might solve that problem.

School Helper focuses on helping students manage their academic schedules by tracking things such as grades, homework, notes and exams on the home screen.

Students can add widgets to the main screen as reminders for assignments that need to be done.

For those group projects that everyone is provided a task the Trello app can help.

It can help organize an entire project, large or small, by assigning each person a label and filtering responsibilities to that individual through the app.

Biology major Melissa Rodriguez suggested an app for her educational purposes.

“An app that can help you write essays, and help out with the thesis statement, sentence fragments, and punctuation,” Rodriguez said.

Fernando De La Cruz, a Music major, would want an app to make studying easier to access.

“An app for flashcards instead of having all kinds of paper flying is a good one,” said De La Cruz.

There are many apps to store on your smartphone or tablet to make education and learning fun and easier.