Measure G provides hope for future

Alexandra Scoville

After weeks of campaigning leading up to the Nov. 6 election, Measure G has passed and Vice President of Business Services, David El Fattal says life at Cerritos College will now be a little less stressful.

According to, Measure G passed with 69.45 percent of votes in favor and 30.55 percent of votes against.

Measure G will allow $350 million to fund construction on the Cerritos College campus, which includes creating new buildings as well as renovating run-down buildings.

El Fattal said, “We have a master plan that was approved by the Board (of Trustees) and that master plan includes what buildings are going to come online and what is going to be knocked down next.”

El Fattal also states that the newly approved master plan should cover campus construction for an estimated 15 to 20 years to either full completion or near completion.

He went on to say that Cerritos College is not planning on putting together another measure for a couple more years.

Construction will take place soon on campus, with the Business Education building being demolished, which will allow the Liberal Arts/DSPS building to take its place.

Campaign money helped a non-profit organization called Citizens for Cerritos College to send out about 350,000 direct mail pieces, advertise on radio, advertise in newspapers and put up yard signs.

“If students had not donated that kind of money, we would’ve been asking the question ‘…we don’t have the money to pay for these things, what do we cut out?’ and that would have had a negative impact on the campaign,” El Fattal said.

The measure will also allow for Wi-Fi to be looked into as a possible campus-wide installment.

El Fattal stated that even though Wi-Fi will be considered, it will take some time for it to reach campus-wide status.

“We’re doing small pieces at a time so that we will pick up the pace, but we still need to build some infrastructure in order to handle that capability.”

Cerritos College President and Superintendent Dr. Linda Lacy also commented on the possible campus-wide Wi-Fi installment.

“We (faculty members) are going to get a group together immediately and start working on that because I want to see our campus wireless.”

The Associated Students of Cerritos College donated $150,000 to assist in campaigning for Measure G and another $126,000 was donated from other sources.

Social Work Major Gabriela Galeno shared her view on the passing of Measure G.

“It’s good … they (construction workers) will be able to finish (the) construction we are having and make the school look better.”