Priority ennrollment should be for students with a high GPA

Connie Garcia and Connie Garcia

Priority enrollment should include thosKbe students who are doing well enough in their classes to maintain a relatively high Grade Point Average.

As of now, priority enrollment is available to students who are in any of the following programs:

  • Disabled Students Program and Services
  • Extended Opportunity Program and Services
  • Veteran Students of the United States Armed Forces
  • Honor students

Added to that list are the athletes of Cerritos college as well, and that should not be.

Doesn’t it make more sense to give priority enrollment to students who maintains a 3.5 GPA or above throughout the semester rather than an athlete who may be good at what he/she does, but when it comes to grades, he or she strikes out.

Honor students may meet this requirement, but you have to be enrolled in honors courses in order to receive priority enrollment and not all students can do that, however they can maintain a high GPA.

Although this measure is not being applied nor considered in the near future regarding priority enrollment, it should be brought to the school’s attention that perhaps it should be considered.

How else can we reward our students for doing so well in their classes? By adding their name to a long list of other people’s names titled “Dean’s List” and have it up on the wall for strangers to walk by?

No. Students may not be children and deserve a gold star for doing well at the end of the semester, but they could use a little motivation to continue studying and dedicating themselves the way they are.

Even if the athletes are good at what they do they shouldn’t get priority over any other student who is good at what he or she does academically.

Is making a great pass, earning first place, or a slam dunk really more important than earning straight As, having perfect attendance, and a 4.0 GPA?

Cerritos College should reevaluate their priorities because if they don’t, the graduation rate is only going to decrease due to students getting fed up with having a late registration date, classes filling up, and they will eventually give up on their education.

Let’s shoot for a more productive environment and give the over achievers a chance. An honors student does not equal a dedicated one, think about it.