Triathlon Club embraces the spirit of giving back this holiday season

Angela Arellano and Angela Arellano

The Cerritos College Triathlon Club joined the Su Casa Emergency Shelter to make a family’s Christmas one they will never forget.

The Charleston family came to the Su Casa’s Emergency Shelter after Kimberly Charleston was abused by her husband.

She decided to end the relationship and go to Su Casa with her kids Kristeen and Christopher in order to provide them with a safe environment to stay in.

The family and the names provided are fictitious in order to keep their identity a secret.

The idea was a collaborate decision between the Triathlon Club and the Director of Community Outreach, Christina Kreachbaum.

Christina speaks at Ni Bueno’s health class about abusive relationships.

Bueno explains, “She had told me that they have this program to adopt a family for Christmas and we talked about it (with) the Triathlon Club.”

This is the second year that the Triathlon Club adopted a family from Su Casa.

Su Casa houses families that are victims of domestic violence.

Su Casa helps families to get back on their feet again financially, providing them with job opportunities.

“Helping them live a normal type of life and just to try to get on with their life. The location is hidden and they really try to keep the identity of all their families very private for that reason,” Bueno said about Su Casa.

It is a large, non-profit and volunteer base organization.

People who are interested in volunteering for Su Casa can contact Christina at (562) 505-9479.

The volunteers go through a training program for volunteers that are interested in helping families and other things at Su Casa.

“A few of my students go through the training and have gotten hired for Su Casa,” Bueno explains.

For kids that are placed at Su Casa go to a safe and private school to finish their education.

On Friday, Dec. 7, the club went to St. Timothy Lutheran Church and droped off the gifts along with many companies, individuals, and groups.

Journalism major and President of the Triathlon Club Robert Beaver said, “The day at church was really nice. The church was very appreciative of our help. I’m really proud of our club members formpaying out of their own pockets to support the Charleston family.”

“For a couple years a charity reached out to my family and made our Christmas’ possible. I remember the jou that brought me. I hope our help brings the Charleston family the same joy I felt as kid,” Beaver continues.

The families can only be adopted once for Christmas.