Tostitos works with Cerritos to help veterans

Working together to help out veterans, Tostitos and Cerritos College team up to host a special event and concert that will take place on Thursday, Dec. 13 at 6:30 p.m. at Falcon Stadium. The gates will begin opening at 5 p.m.

Cerritos College athletic director Dan Clauss is working closely with Tostitos and feels that this event will really help Cerritos College to become a more recognized school.

He encourages students on campus to spread the word about the event because he wants the stands to be full of people.

Clauss also mentioned his goal for the about of people attending the event is at least 10,000.

It is important for students to remember to bring their ticket to the gate when arriving to the event because every ticket is a dollar donated to the veterans program at Cerritos College.

Clauss said that the goal is $15,000 to be donated to the Cerritos College Veterans program if possible.

All of the tickets are free of charge and students as well as the general public are able to go to either the Student Activities office or the Game Room on campus to pick them up.

Whether a student or a non-student, you are required to provide some type of identification in order to receive tickets and you can receive up to a maximum of 15 tickets.

Clauss has also sent tickets to local high schools and radio stations to give out to the public so that the goal of 10,000 people can be met.

Clauss also discussed getting the parking lot at the Norwalk Indoor Swapmeet on Alondra Blvd. reserved for the night of the event so that there is enough parking for the public and having a shuttle bus take the people from the parking lot to the football stadium.

The special event itself is confidential and the public will not know what it is until the day of the event.

Tostitos will also be providing free food and drinks to the public when entering the stadium.