Cerritos College tries to meet students’ needs in the food court

Angela Arellano

Cerritos College sent a food service survey to students via email in order to give students an opportunity to voice out their opinion on what type of food should be offered on campus.

Students who complete the survey are entered to win a prize of a 2GB iPod Shuffle sponsored by the Associated Students of Cerritos College in hopes that it would create a large amount of responses from students.

Cerritos College has been criticized by students for providing unhealthy, not fresh, and expensive food to its students.

The Food Service Survey asked questions such as:

  • What is the main factor influencing where you go for lunch?
  • What do you define as fresh food?
  • What do you define as healthy food?
  • What type of food would you like to see on campus?

Mark Logan, Director of Purchasing, stated, “We want to hear the voice of students and what they want to see on campus. People want fresh, healthy food and we want to know what that is.”

He continued, “We are currently reviewing the food service contract before any changes and decisions are being made. We want to hear the feedback from everyone that is involved.”

Cerritos College students voiced what type of food or food vendors they would like to see on campus.

Undecided major Jannis Sandoval spoke openly about what she would enjoy eating on campus.

“What I really would like to see is Subway. I think the sandwiches are pretty healthier that the pizzas that they serve (on campus), or like Taco Bell or the burger place (Chicago Harv’s).”

She continued on to say, “Me and my friends always crave it (Subway) when were here. We always crave the sandwiches and stuff. Instead of driving off and loosing our parking spot it’s easier to get it here.”

She also added, “I think we have two places that sell pizza and we should replace one with Subway. I think it will make it easier.”

Arts major Caroline Dillon expressed what she would enjoy at Cerritos College.

“Like Subway because it’s fresher,” Dillon explained.

Besides Subway, she believes that Jamba Juice will also be a good and healthy alternative.

“A Jamba Juice will be good. I will stop by that place all day everyday. I like that it’s healthier for you and they have food that’s a lot healtheir and more organic so I feel safer eating that. Instead of eating fried, greasy fries.”

Cerritos College students can participate in the Food Service Survey by going to http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ccfoodservicessurvey or by contacting Mark Logan at (562)860-2451 ext. 2245.