ASCC president and vice president have big plans for the rest of their term

Carlos Holguin and Carlos Holguin

As a new year and semester starts up, the Associated Students of Cerritos College is preparing itself for a full work load.

On top of managing, organizing and financing the various activities at Cerritos College, the ASCC plans on strengthening the bond it has with the students on campus.

“My goal is to get more clubs involved with the ASCC,” President Lance Makinano said.

“It’s a matter of communication to let the students know we are here for them.”

Makinano is not alone, as Vice President Aldo Lopez shared his views on club participation.

As head of Cerritos College’s ASCC Senate, Lopez collaborates with 30 other student members who are often involved in clubs themselves..

These senators represent the student body at large and deal with the big issues on campus.

Tackling issues like gambling and loitering on campus, Lopez and the senate recommend legislation to help students and meet their needs.

“We expect a lot of ideas from students, and we will listen to them.” Lopez added.

“With 30 students who are in their own separate clubs, there are a lot of different ideas and points of views available to us.”

He wants to create a safer, healthier campus with the start of recycling and vendors that students want.

The ASCC plans on strengthening the bonds between the clubs by throwing the Falcon Games, a tournament hosted in the style of the Olympic Games.

These games, ranging from academic tests along the style of Jeopardy to Video-Game Night, are scheduled to be campus events where the winners can receive scholarships.

“If it goes good, maybe we can get other schools to join.” Makinano added.

The bonding continues with Spring Festival Days, a carnival like event that will be hosted March 12-14.

While the theme has not been revealed, Makinano did explain how clubs and students will benefit from Spring Festival days.

“Vendors will (let clubs use) different games or booths, like a dunk tank or ring toss, for free. Any money they make will be profit they can use later.”

Both Makinano and Lopez look forward to helping students as much as they can this semester as they near the end of their term.

While the idea of re-election may be in their minds, both are focusing on doing the best job possible for Cerritos College and its students.

Amna Jara, coordinator of student activities, knows that both Makinano and Lopez will live up to the expectations that have been built for them.

“I expect them to be role models for the student body, just like they have been. I want students to know that we are here for them.”

Sharing similar views with Makinano and Lopez, Jara feels confident that this semester will help club leaders enhance their leadership skills while getting more students involved.

With the events planned and the separate ideas they hope to implement, Makinano and Lopez, alongside the rest of ASCC plan to end the semester with a bang that students will remember and hopefully see as a great addition.