Liberal Arts and DSP&S will get a new home in 2015


Connie Garcia

The current construction site for the new Liberal Arts and DSP&S complex. Completion is set for 2015.

Connie Garcia and Connie Garcia

English major Joseph Hughes couldn’t contain his excitement over the new Liberal Arts/DSP&S complex being constructed on campus, which is set for completion in the summer of 2015.

The new complex will feature two floors, the first of which will host the DSP&S Program and faculty, along with liberal arts related classrooms, while the second floor will host the Liberal Arts Department and staff with additional classrooms.

The facility will cover an area of approximately 40,000 square feet, and will run along Alondra and Studebaker, on the north-west corner of campus.

“It’s incredibly fascinating, the modernization of it all, I think it is a huge step for Liberal Arts and DSP&S (Departments) because there will be opportunities for students of both programs to learn in an environment that connects with the technology of today,” Hughes said.

The new facility is set to give campus a new look on learning, while providing students with the supplies and resources they will need to succeed.

Business major Tracie Sandoval said she felt the school was big enough for another building, deeming the demolition of the Business Education Building unnecessary.

“I don’t see why they couldn’t expand the school instead of plowing down perfectly good buildings like this one,” she said, “I understand the school is trying to revolutionize the way students learn, but I believe that a person will learn if they want to, regardless of the facility.”

“I could be wrong, but students shouldn’t need a high tech atmosphere in order to increase their thinking capacity,” Sandoval added.

The offices and staff from the Santa Barbara building will be relocated to the first floor of this complex.

Accounting major Francisco Zuniga said he is glad the DSP&S students will have a better building for their future to flourish in.

“I always thought the Santa Barbara building was a little small for such an important program,” he said, “but now these students, along with those from the Liberal Arts building can have the space and resources they need, much like the math and science students in the PST building.”

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