The Board of Trustees have great expectations for the new year


Michael Ares

President Linda Lacy presenting Financial Aid Specialist Juan Ricardo with the employee of the month award at the Board of Trustees meeting on Jan. 16.

Michael Ares

In the last few months of 2012, Cerritos College was on its toes as it looked on in hope for the Cerritos College Board of Trustees election as well as the results on Prop. 30.

With Prop. 30 passing and the acquiring of new board members, the Board of Trustees got to work, trying to get back into the swing of things with new hopes and expectations for the new year.

As over 21,000 Cerritos College students try to re-adapt themselves to college life, the Board of Trustees held its first meeting on Wednesday Jan. 16, spending four hours to get back up to speed. Topics included the school budget and the gym.

The newly elected board members were reacquainted with the school’s many departments including the Disabled Student Programs and Services Division and Student Program Services Department.

After the department overviews, financial aid was discussed and it was estimated that it will distribute $60 million to Cerritos College students for 2013.

The board was pleased to hear the news that as of Jan. 1 students that qualify can now fill out Dream Act waivers.

Vice President of Student Services/Assistant Superintendent Dr. Stephen B. Johnson said, “This is our season to push because there is a priority filing period between Jan. 1 and April 30. If students file by April 30 the college will disperse to them on the first day of school.”

Board member John Paul Drayer said, “We (the board members) are working very hard to balance the budget. We are waiting for proposals to close some gaps, but next year looks even better for us now thanks to Prop. 30.”

Students can expect a good year at Cerritos College financially, as well as finally being able to see the opening of the new gym which will have its ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday March 8 at noon.

Vice President of Business Services David El Fattal said, “Hopefully on Sunday or Monday we will be doing final testing on fire alarms. We will be occupying it soon.”

The Board of Trustees also presented Financial Aid Specialist Juan Ricardo with the Outstanding Confidential Classified Employee of the Month award.

Cerritos College President, Dr. Linda Lacy said, “He (Ricardo) goes above and beyond to make everyone’s lives easier in the financial aid office as well as for the students. Cerritos College is proud to have him on stand and thanks him for a job well done.”

Ricardo said, “This (award) is not just to me, but also for my department. We work as a team, and this is for all of us.”