Flu season is here, avoid getting sick

Diego Arreola

Flu season is hitting Cerritos College. A number of students are dealing with the flu and flu like symptoms.

Nursing major Jimmy Castro was hit hard by the flu, “I just had the flu a week ago, and felt like I was going to die.”

The flu can be prevented by following a couple of tips according to the CDC Public Health Department from the County of Los Angeles, “Washing your hands often,” as well as “covering your mouth when coughing or sneezing” and “getting an annual flu shot” are good ways to prevent you from getting sick.

For a cost of $5 Cerritos College Heath Services is offering flu shots to those who wish to receive the vaccination.

“Getting sick is not an option for me,” undecided major Luis Castillo said, as he commences his semester healthy and flu free.

Preventing it from striking is a key component to its prevention of being spread.

One way the flu can be spread is by air when a person with the virus sneezes, coughs, or speaks.

Infected objects can contaminate a healthy person who touches it, exposing him to the sickness.

Symptoms of the flu are: “headaches, sore throats, fever, chills, muscle aches, stuffy nose, and dry coughs”, according to flu facts at kidshealth.org.

Anthropology major Adrian Prieto sees the importance of getting a flu shot, “I always get my flu shot every year to prevent me from getting sick and so far it has worked.”

According to statistics on average the flu lasts up to a week. If symptoms don’t subside it is recommended that a doctor be contacted as soon as possible.

Associate Dean of Student Health and Wellness and Veterans Nancy Montgomery refused to comment.