Cerritos loses a beloved teacher

Michael Ares and Michael Ares

On Jan. 23 Cerritos College lost mathematics professor Wesley Jordan who passed away that morning.

No information has been released yet by the family as to the cause of death.

Mathematics professor Graham Chalmers, who was hired at Cerritos College the same time as Jordan in 1991 said, “I was full of disbelief. Even days later I still didn’t want to believe it.

“He was much younger than me. I thought that eventually I’d retire and he’d continue to teach at least 10 years past my retirement. I thought he’d be here a really long time, so I was shocked.”

Fellow mathematics professor Lora Carreon said,”I was very shocked when I received the news. He was a really nice man and I respected him a lot. I will miss seeing (Jordan) be a part of our staff.”

Jordan had a way with connecting with some of his math students.

He had a style of teaching that made a few students feel not so intimidated about math.

Chalmers said, “He had an easy going approach. He was always concerned about his students’ progress.”

Michael Inman, a volunteer student at the Athletic Training Center, took two of Jordan’s classes and feels that Jordan was a difference maker on campus.

Inman said, “He could take a horrible math problem and make it easier to understand. He was a good Christian man with a heart. He was a very popular teacher, and I would recommend him to everybody.”

Jordan was known by a few of his colleagues and students to have enjoyed playing basketball and going fishing.

Jordan’s presence will definitely be missed by his students and colleagues on campus.

A memorial service for Jordan will be held Wednesday at Redondo Beach Church of Christ at 3 p.m.