Construction noise is causing commotion around campus

Eduardo Alvarado and Eduardo Alvarado

Psychology major Cynthia De La Torre struggles to focus during her science class located in the science lecture halls due to the recent construction of the new Liberal Arts building.

“It’s really hard to focus during the lecture at times. You can hear loud beeping noises and at times you can even hear them drop things.”

De La Torre says that although she can hear the construction going on during class she tries to ignore the noises and tries to focus on the lecture as much as she can .

“What I try to do is get to class early and try to sit near the front of the class just to try to minimize what I hear from the construction. It’s really hard to focus during class when there’s construction going on right outside.”

The new Liberal Arts and DSPS Building will be right next to the Science Building, which is set to be on the north-west side of campus that runs on Alondra Boulevard and Studebaker Road and will cover around 40,000 square feet.

Students who tend to have class in the science lecture halls are not the only ones who have noticed the construction noises.

Zoology major Mario Hernandez says that he is also able to hear some construction noise going on early in the morning during his sociology class in the Social Science building.

“I have a sociology class early in the morning and I am able to hear some construction during class,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez also pointed out that the noise he hears during class does not occur very often, pointing out that his class is located in the highest floor level of the Social Science Building.

“My sociology class is all the way on top, so I can only hear the construction noise at times when it tends to be quiet in class.

The times I do hear the construction, it’s completely annoying because I’m trying to learn the material in class. I did not spend money to come sit down and listen to men use heavy machinery to dig into the ground.”

The new building complex will feature two floors. The first floor will host the DSPS Program and faculty offices, not to mention liberal arts classes. The second floor will host the liberal arts staff with additional classrooms as well.

Although some students may be complaining about the noise caused by construction workers, some don’t seem to mind it all.

English major Crystal Garcia stated that although the noise seems to be bothersome at times, it’s all worth it for a new building at school.

“I don’t see the point of complaining if you can hear the noise, in the end we’ll get a new more modern building for all of us to use.”

The Liberal Arts/DSPS Building that is currently under construction is set to finish by the end of summer 2015.

David Moore, Director of Physical Plant and Construction Services at Cerritos College could not be reached for comment regarding the construction noise.