Amna Jara, to the rescue


Hannah Bradley

Coordinator of Student Activities Amna Jara speaks with Senator Bea Caballero and Commissioner of Inter-Club Council Ace Caguioa before the Falcon Games orientation Monday, March 4.

Hannah Bradley and Hannah Bradley

Amna Jara, the Coordinator of Student Activities, has successfully found the balance between getting work done and putting a smile on the face of each person she comes into contact with at Cerritos College.

Having to take focus on not only her own duties but also the workload belonging to the Director of Student Activities, she currently has a packed schedule. Jara still finds the time to do it all to the best of her abilities.

“Originally these two things are two separate positions, as the director oversees student government and the coordinator oversees the clubs,” Jara explained.

“Right now my role is weird as I am doing both positions, and it is challenging. I’m doing the best I can.”

The relationships she has with multiple people in both the student government and club settings eases the difficulties she could face in these situations, she explained.

“I am being pulled into so many different directions. It’s very refreshing to feel that I am respected, because right now, as I am torn. I feel like I’m unable to put 100 percent into either the clubs or student government.”

“I feel that the relationship between myself and the students is a very positive one. They can confide in me with a lot of personal issues… and I love that they can approach me and feel that they can receive good advice from me.”

Jara goes by “AJ” to a majority of the people she comes into contact with, as well, displaying the welcoming aura she gives off to those she works with.

Associated Students of Cerritos College Vice President, Aldo Lopez could speak for days about how fantastic of a job he feels Jara does at Cerritos College.

“She has been nothing but supportive, and has been the best adviser that I have ever encountered in any kind of activity,” Lopez said.

Despite Jara’s explanation of how she felt stretched and unable to give all of her concentration to one area, Lopez explained how the relationship between the ASCC and the staff in Student Activities is better than it has been in years.

“I’ve been in student government a long time, and it has been hard in previous years to get the issues across and feel that you’re being an advocate for the students on campus,” Lopez said.

“Ever since AJ has walked into this office, it has been a different experience here at the ASCC.’

“It makes me happy to know that everything I have been working for, and that the students are working for, have been making an actual impact. It’s something you can see and feel, and it’s all because AJ is such an amazing person and amazing adviser.”

Lopez also expressed how important he feels Jara is to the student government moving forward, stating that, “I honestly wish she would never leave this position. I want to be able to come back here after I’ve started a career and be able to see what great progress (the students) have made under AJ.”

Judicial Affairs Clerk Nikki Jones, who directly works with Jara, explained that there couldn’t possibly be a better person filling this role at Cerritos College.

“She has a big impact on the students because she is well liked and extremely fair.

“AJ is really inviting, and lets people come in and talk to her… I think that is what has the biggest influence on the students and the staff.”

Jones stated that she believes taking over the director’s role has worked in Jara’s favor.

“It not only gave her more experience with her job, but got her more acquainted with her students, which is a huge portion of club and government work.”

“(The clubs and government) have gotten to learn her way of doing things, and they love it. I also love it to, and she’s really great to work with.”

Jara hopes to continue to make a positive impact in both roles for as long as she is needed, and clearly those she comes into contact with feel the same way as well.