Ricardo Ramirez a teacher for all

Through years of film making, Ricardo Ramirez has developed talents many at Cerritos College and around the world have taken notice of.

He has submitted work for “Project: Film Box,” this project sends GoPro cameras to film makers worldwide to record and submit an eight minute segment for a feature film. The project was started by students in Germany, it sponsored by FexEx and GoPro.

Only 25 segments will be featured in the film and Ricardo’s narrative named “Life in Motion” will be included. The feature film is currently being edited and was released on April 1. Ricardo adds “once it’s done, they’re going to take it to film festivals and see how it does there.”

His interest in film making began in high school when his photography teacher asked him to direct the senior slide show. Ricardo said he wanted to “take a different approach to just showing pictures with music.”

He said “I took scenarios that happened throughout out the year, and I recreated them and filmed it,” he adds “that was my first experience as a director.”

When Downey high school class of 2007 was shown his work he said “(the students) were laughing, they were clapping, they really liked it.”

Being a film maker for years has taught Ricardo what film making really is, he says “It’s working with people and just bringing to your talents together to make a film and bring your script to life.”

Hassan Sadiki, film major, says “on set, he can be really demanding” and “he is going to get the best out of you.”

Josh Doc, film major, said that Ricardo is “not only talented but he propels everybody around him to a higher degree.”

Ricardo has no specific taste in movies, but he leans toward award winning dramas. The most inspiration film that he was seen is The Prestige, by Christopher Nolan. He said that in the movie, Nolan “was not only telling the story about magicians but about himself” and “how a movie is like a magic trick.”

“He explains in the film that a magic trick consist of 3 parts: The Pledge, The Turn, and The prestige. A a film consist of 3 similar parts: beginning, middle, end. “

His girlfriend Estephanie Amaya, film major, said that in Ricardo’s film classes, “everyone goes to him for help…he knows his stuff and he knows what he wants.”

Amaya said that her favorite film Ricardo has made was “Melodies Revolt” a project submission for film 101. She said that her first impressions of this film were that “you could tell that took his time to actually write the script,” and that “as I was watching it, I felt for the characters which for me is very important in a film.”