Students thankful for instructors at Forensics showcase

Zeinab Saleh and Zeinab Saleh

“The fact that I am actually able to do this is crazy to me. Last semester, I was just shaking in my boots because I was that shy,” describes Laura Taba, a communication and speech major on joining the Forensics Team and how it has changed her.

The Cerritos College student-run Forensics Club meets Fridays at noon in SS 224.

This club is the study of speech and debate where students have the opportunity to study the art of public speaking.

On Tuesday, April 9, the club threw an event which showcased after dinner speaking, impromptu speaking and oral interpretation of literature.

Various students performed about subjects they were passionate about.

Taba also explained what she likes to bring into her performances “Let me be this person and create the character and make the authors’ words, hopefully, reign true and that the audience can tell I am doing my best”.

Going up in front of a crowd solo is nerve-wrecking for most, but after watching these students perform it is obvious that this class and their instructors has taught them to become confident in themselves. Having public speaking skills is just a plus.

Issac De La Cruz, public relations major, said “The forensics debate team helps you become a better public speaker.”

Katrina Taylor, assistant coach of the team and professor at Cerritos College breaks down the message she tries to send to her students.

“You will never fully realize yourself until you take a chance and if you embrace the thing that keeps you at bay and the fears, then you can find out exactly who you are and speech is one of those places because it is so personal and our voices are personal and when you can find that and stand proudly, the world is sort of your oyster at that point.”

April Griffin, director of forensics and a new full-time faculty member at Cerritos College also expresses her thoughts about what she tries to bring to this team.

“You’re going to be afraid no matter what, but anything that is worth doing has fear attached to it. Just fighting the fear, you come out such a stronger person. In both of our classes, we advocate the students’ individual growth and not just completing their assignments.” Griffin said.

Students that participated in the event mentioned that without the help of the instructors they have they would not be where they are today.