Nominees try to take lead on first day of elections

Contrary to past Cerritos College homecoming queen elections, the court found itself in a rare situation.

After the voting results, there was a total of eight homecoming princesses instead of the traditional seven.

Now that the court has been voted in, one of the princesses will be chosen as homecoming queen.

The queen will be revealed on Saturday, Oct. 26 during halftime of the homecoming football game. Until then, students can vote for their queen at one of three voting booths.

“About 20 girls tried out for court,” candidate Michelle Mancilla said. “We all campaigned and only seven girls (were elected to) the court. Fortunately, there was a tie and an extra girl was in.”

A week ago, Thursday, Oct. 10, the court was announced, and after campaigning for the court spot, the eight passing nominees now prepare to campaign to win.

“That process (homecoming court election) was a little less stressful than this process were its finally all eight of us are going for queen,” Mancilla said. “The stakes are set a bit higher in the queen elections in comparison with the court elections. The princesses know that there is no next step, the race is for the queen.

“It’s a friendly competition,” Mancilla said. “We all really like each other. All eight of us are really cool with each other.”

Even though the election has reached a pivotal make or break moment, the ladies of the court share a form of comradeship, and according to Mancilla, find themselves aiding one another in their campaigns.

“The goal is to basically just be a great representative for Cerritos College,” Mancilla said.

“Also, the goal is to try to get more student involvement and let students know that there is an ASCC and that’s what their paying for when they pay for that CCSA fee.” The Cerritos College Student Activities fee is paid to Associated Students of Cerritos College to benefit those that attend the events and reap of all the products given at any given event.

Jason Macias, business major, is a supporter of the iFalcon representative, Michell Mancilla. “We like to breed more leaders,” Macias said.

“Everyone at iFalcon chose to help them succeed in school and on top of that, we want them to get involved in student government.”

Macias believes the world is moving to a state where there is a demand for leaders, and the competing of homecoming is a great way to train for that world.

“The court is a lot easier because top seven get in,” Macias said. “Now it’s only one person, only one vote out of seven ladies.” The gap for victory has now shrunk and only one has to leave an impression in the mind of voters if they are to win.

“All the ladies are nice and have their boyfriends or whatever helping them out,” Macias said. “It’s all for fun, there is nothing too serious. This isn’t like real politics, it’s all friendly competition.” Macias assures students that even though there will be only one winner , the competitors are still willing to crack a smile at one another and compete in harmony.

Nino Jose Flores, a computer science major, cast his vote in support of the club he is currently in. “Promote student activity here on campus,” Flores said. “I know about the process of homecoming. I (have) seen our candidate, in fact all the candidates, out here working hard.”

Flores believes in the homecoming system and understands that it is a good demonstration of what ASCC does on campus and how it pushes students who aren’t so active to be active.