Candidates try to gain votes

Candidate No. 7 Itza Moreno said that she witnessed people ripping her posters off the wall but, despite that, she is keeping the competition friendly as she and her fellow homecoming princess pushed for those last minute votes on the Cerritos College campus on Thursday.

Moreno said she is friends with several people on the court and said, “Everyone’s been pretty nice. It’s friendly competition.”

ASCC election clerk Joan Thiel said that the amount of people that showed up on Wednesday and Thursday to vote was about the same.

She added, “We (the clerks) can’t really see the campaigning taking place but we do know that there was a good amount of campaigning from what we could see.”

One of the people that voted on Thursday was English major Abner Caguioa.

He said he voted “to show support for the clubs.”

Caguioa said that he has several friends on the court so making a decision on who he would be voting for was a difficult one.

He said, “I’m happy as long as long it’s one of my friends.”

Moreno said that her biggest competition is candidate No. 4, Michelle Mancilla because of the fact that she is part of ASCC and that many of the people involved in ASCC are the most likely to vote over the rest of the student body.

However, Moreno feels that her chances of winning the crown are pretty fair.

She said of her strategy to win votes, “I am stopping to each person and being more friendly, rather than just handing them a flyer a walking away.”

However, she said that a better way to promote herself and homecoming as a whole to the student body would be by incorporating more activities during the week of homecoming.

Around the 70s, Cerritos College would host somewhat of a fair for the students to partake in. The homecoming court candidates did their part by participating in what was called “Dunk-a-Chick.”

Students would be able to throw a ball that would send one of the candidates into a dunk tank.

Moreno said about the current promotion of homecoming, “Not a lot of people are aware that we even had homecoming.”

She added that she would definitely be open to being put in a dunk tank.

“They’d definitely remember me,” Moreno said.

She and her fellow princess will find out who will become the next Cerritos College homecoming queen on Saturday at Falcon Stadium during halftime of the Cerritos College football game against Ventura College which will begin at 7 p.m.

The parade of floats will also be a part of the halftime show.